Chandigarh – the prime place to set up a new office

Chandigarh – the prime place to set up a new office

Here at Per Square Yard, you will get the best working space in Chandigarh. Apple started in the garage, so did Amazon, Disney, Google, Harley Davidson, Lotus Cars, and more. Inspiring, isn’t it? All these companies are now the most massive and world-renowned businesses. But today the times have changed. Startup enthusiasts, young teams, businesses, and entrepreneurs want a friendly work environment where they can network, work, and relax with like-minded people – without worrying about maintenance, and leasing. or spend heavily.
We at Per Square Yard imagined, developed, and aimed to working space so that you can provide your best work within the budget you want! Whether you’re an established business looking for custom space to deliver a cost-effective project or a team of web developers working side by side, we’ve got you covered! Our co-working space in Chandigarh is called the Arena – where people sit, watch and participate in gladiatorial combat!

Best for startups

If you have an idea to work with, and your team is eager to go, book our ready-to-go co-working office space! Yes, you heard it right. We provide ready-to-go office space as per your budget! It is a must-see option for a startup or budding entrepreneur in Chandigarh, especially when they are worried about the future, worried about revenue generation, and unsure about meeting the operational needs in Chandigarh.

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