Here at Per Square Yard, you will get the best working space in Chandigarh. Apple started in the garage, so did Amazon, Disney, Google, Harley Davidson, Lotus Cars, and more. Inspiring, isn’t it? All these companies are now the most massive and world-renowned businesses. But today the times have changed. Startup enthusiasts, young teams, businesses, […]


Have you ever thought about what the office of the future will look like? Hint-hint-smart offices will play an important role. Per Square Yard Mohali, Chandigarh understands the value of smart offices. But the question is what exactly is a smart office? After all, given the word “smart” put around so many smartphones, smart TVs, […]


As another quarter of this FY came to an end, the Covid situation in the country has generally continued to improve. With vaccination figures crossing 100 crores, gradually the fear and paranoia marking the Covid crisis has more or less subsided Successful Business starts here; Search Office Space on rent in Chandigarh. Meanwhile, as schools, […]


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