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Our Customisable Process


Discussions leads to clarity and clarity leads to understanding your expectations. We focus not only on your expectations but based on market realities, we try to bring those expectations closer to an executable and mutually acceptable reality.


Clarity of expectations gives us a green signal for our next step of analysis of the available resources that are legally clear and fit your requirements.


Evaluation of available resources helps us in forming an execution plan.


"Meeting your expectations and creating customer bliss" is what our team of experts work for!


Story Behind
The Name

The term "per square yard" refers to the method of measuring real estate and its value. This agency is the result of a small family discussion and market trend adaptation. We decided to pool in our strengths to create an organization that will provide ethical and transparent services. We have worked, individually, in this industry for a long time. We have extensive knowledge and practical experience, which we will deploy to our clients’ advantage.

We Help You Choose
the Right Path for Your New Journey


We adhere to Customer-Oriented Principles, which means that client’s satisfaction is paramount to us, and our execution is guided by customer expectations. We recognize the emotion and motivation behind every real estate acquisition, and with that in mind, we always devise the finest strategy for a smooth transition into your new dream estate.

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Prashant Sharma


Aman Sharma


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